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Timeless vs. Trendy

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

When remodeling, remember to use classic elements as the timeless backdrop to on-trend features.

When homeowners are remodeling, they are walking the line between trendy and timeless. Clients want an updated look and need their space to work better for their lives and families. At the same time, most are on a budget and must love the results for years to come, even as kids grow up and move out, and priorities shift.

So how to make an on-trend remodel a timeless classic?

When choosing timeless, think big. What will be built to stay in place for years to come? To stay on trend, think small. What can be swapped out easily and inexpensively as tastes change?

In a kitchen, the bones are the cupboards. Choose a classic design in a sturdy wood and a layout that maximizes organization and flow. Large appliances too can be chosen in classic finishes like stainless steel and white and purchased in quality brands that will last decades. Well laid tile will stay in place and look beautiful for years as a backsplash or flooring, so choose those elements wisely. For a trendier look, consider elements like light fixtures, drawer pulls and countertop appliances, which are relatively easy to replace when they go out of style or if you are switching up your palette. A new coat of paint is the easiest and least expensive way to follow a new trend.

In the living room, built-in bookcases, fireplaces and custom moulding should stand the test of time. They should be simple and neutral but well-crafted from quality materials. Vaulted ceilings, skylights, window seats and mezzanine-type features like libraries and staircase landing nooks come in and out of style, but they are all relatively permanent changes so be sure that components like these suit your family’s lifestyle. In a living room, you can follow trends with furnishings and paint, leaving built-ins to your remodeler.

A timeless bathroom is one that works. Counter space, shelving, closets and cupboards can be looked at similarly to a kitchen, prioritizing flow and storage, using water-safe and long lasting materials in understated designs. Tile is the backdrop of a beautiful and functional bathroom and will last for decades with proper care. Freshening up paint from time to time, switching out hardware or a mirror, and upgrading a sink or toilet can be the keys to making a change without starting from scratch or going too trendy with a classic element.

Bedrooms are usually a blank slate, so go high on quality with classic built-ins and moulding, and leave the fads to furnishings and fixtures. When remodeling bedrooms, most are adding ease and convenience with bathrooms and closets, which can have timeless bones yet be easily customized for each new occupant.

When remodeling, a competent and ethical contractor will not steer you toward the most expensive and fleeting trends on the market. They will help you make good choices about which elements stand the test of time and which you can choose at your whimsey and still have a great look for years to come.


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