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How to Pick the Right Materials for Your Home Remodel - It’s Your Move

As you begin to choose the materials for your home remodel, be sure they fit your life.

A home renovation is essentially a series of choices that—in the hands of an experienced remodeler—results in a beautiful space that fits its family and lifestyle.

First, consider the structure, or the bones, of the space—are you moving walls, adding built-ins, or replacing a fireplace? This is the heavy lifting, which must be in place before anything else. On the other end of the spectrum are finishes—the last-inch details that speak to your aesthetic. From the sheen of the paint on the walls to the stain on the floors to the door knobs to the drawer pulls, and the bathroom and kitchen backsplashes – let the selection process begin!

Materials selection is the spectrum of decisions that bridges the structure and the finishes. In a kitchen, for instance, you’ll choose from a multitude of flooring options—vinyl plank, linoleum, Marmoleum, stone, tile, and even wood. You’ll need to select a countertop and cabinet doors. In a bathroom, you’ll need to decide on a tub or shower surround and doors, flooring, countertops, shelving, and cabinets.

Bedrooms, entryways, great rooms, and storage spaces all have unique considerations. Choosing materials can be overwhelming for homeowners, but using a few simple tricks to narrow things down can simplify the process and even make it fun.

When the budget is boss

Cost is one of the easiest ways to narrow down materials. For example, some luxury countertop options, such as quartz and granite, simply cost more. Other quality countertop materials may cost less, such as concrete, but may take longer or more people to install. Some countertops sit at the intersection of high-quality and reasonably priced like these best-on-a-budget picks from Better Homes and Gardens.

Flooring, cabinet doors, shelving, window frames, and backsplashes all come in a variety of materials at every price point. We can help narrow down choices to fit your budget, and then you can use the following criteria to make your final selection.

Highway traffic or sleepy country road?

A smart way to make select materials is to predict how much use they’ll get and how rough and tumble that daily use will be. Just as we would put a high gloss paint finish in the kitchen so spills, spots, splatters, and fingerprints can easily be wiped down daily, materials should be chosen by how they withstand your normal daily use.

For example, if it fits your aesthetic, you might consider a luxurious-yet-finicky vanity top like marble in a master bath. Adults are more likely to go easy on the space, wipe up spills, and truly enjoy it. In a bathroom shared by four kids, you may want to choose a highly durable, low-maintenance, easy-to-clean option like Quartzite or another solid surface material.

Beyond budget, flooring is all about durability. For entryways, hallways, and staircases, choose long-lasting hardwood or tough-as-nails linoleum. Slate, porcelain tiles, and even polished concrete can make a statement that lasts for decades and is easy to clean. Peruse these adorable yet durable—adurable?—entryway floor ideas.

In bedrooms, living rooms, and guest rooms, you can select flooring based on the occupants or rate of occupancy. Carpet, vinyl plank, and wood are all great choices. Consider whether the space will be used with or without shoes, and don’t forget about paws and claws! When you have fur babies, you should choose surfaces that will stand up to them over time. With the addition of a few throw rugs, you’re ready to hygge.

Pull the room together with a look that fits the home

Your personal aesthetic, the home’s era, and the style of the room being remodeled should all be taken into account when choosing materials. Other important considerations include resale value if that is a factor in your future and current trends vs. classic appeal. After all, when the dust settles, you have to live there and will be looking at your new space every day.

Materials that complement a farmhouse-style kitchen may be entirely out of sync in a mid-century modern space. Polished concrete floors or stainless steel will not evoke the era of a Victorian home. While “eclectic” is the aesthetic of the moment, you should still plan for a cohesive and organized experience for your family and guests.

Whatever your material criteria, a reputable and experienced contractor like Crystal Remodeling can help you create an enjoyable experience – low on decision fatigue and high on satisfaction.

With Crystal Remodeling, the distinction is clear. Let’s talk about how your big ideas can lead to better living.


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