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Crystal Remodeling leaders look back on 2022

“Our crew has stepped up to every challenge we’ve encountered this past year.”

At Crystal Remodeling, we are reminded daily that we have a strong team of dedicated craftspeople and an extended network of subcontractors, vendors, and consultants that make every project exceptional. Because of our team and distinctive work, we also attract interesting remodeling and construction projects and excellent clients.

Yet, after more than 40 years in business, we once again reflect on our successes, challenges, favorite projects, and best team efforts. We asked President Derek Brown and Project Manager Zach Brown to look back on 2022 and give us their perspective on another trip around the sun with Crystal Remodeling.

What was your favorite project to work on this year and why?

Derek Brown, President: My favorite project this year was replacing a set of stairs in an older SW Portland home with an amazing handcrafted natural wood staircase. We included a plate glass handrail inserted into the staircase's treads. The finished installation resulted in a unique, open feeling, bringing lots of sunlight from the main floor into the basement.

Zach Brown, Project Manager: My favorite project this year was also one of the more simple projects we took on, just a straightforward basement remodel. The owners wanted a large wine cabinet under their staircase while maintaining their storage area. We installed a beautiful stained alder wine cabinet that doubled as a hidden door to their storage area. It’s always enjoyable to take a unique element from design to installation.

When you think about the last year, what did you enjoy or appreciate the most, and why?

Derek: The interest in home remodeling has surged since Covid now that many people are working from home and taking a renewed interest in their living spaces. At the same time, production and product delays are becoming the new painful norm in this industry. It has been gratifying to see the employees and subcontractors pull it all together behind the scenes to help ease the challenges and help satisfy each customer's need for a punctual remodel process.

Zach: I’ve appreciated the opportunity to help customers through their remodeling projects. For many customers, a remodel is going to be the most significant purchase they’ve made after the home purchase itself. Knowing that you are trusted with such an important task, then guiding the process to completion is extraordinarily rewarding.

What do you like the most about working with your Crystal Remodeling team and subcontractors?

Derek: We are blessed to work with a small group of true craftspeople, and each has their own special set of talents. I am proud to say that we genuinely care about each customer's needs and treat their home as if we were remodeling our own home.

Zach: Our Crystal Remodeling crew is great and has stepped up to every challenge we’ve encountered this past year. As a company, our expectations are high, and we’re lucky to have a skilled set of professionals we can count on every day. The industry is still experiencing material delays and labor shortages, while demand has been incredibly high, so having a solid core team we can trust has been vital.

Happy holidays and a joyful New Year from all of us! With Crystal Remodeling, the distinction is clear. Contact us today to get started on your dreams for 2023.


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