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It’s All About Your Surfaces

3 Smart Spots to Upgrade When You Want to Spruce Up Your Space

We don’t know who needs to hear this, but you can remodel just because you want to.

Many homeowners remodel when they need to. There are lots of important reasons to make a change:

  • Your family is growing.

  • Your parents are moving in.

  • Your kids need their own bathroom. Yesterday.

  • You’ll be permanently working at home.

  • You experienced a catastrophic leak in the kitchen.

  • A tree limb crashed down on your outdoor living space.

But there are also plenty of personal and aesthetic reasons for a remodel:

  • The tub surround is stained with minerals.

  • The toilet and shower are not water-efficient

  • The kitchen countertops are…ugly.

  • The color or style of a room is outdated.

  • A fireplace would be nice.

  • You simply want a change of pace.

When we remodel because we want to, we have the space to make more choices about materials, timeline, and budget.

Instead of replacing a whole wall of cupboards, consider installing new countertops with a solid, proven material that will last a lifetime. Instead of ripping out the entire bathroom, we can retile the tub walls and spring for efficient features and appliances. Swapping out kitchen cabinet doors for a new style can bring joy to the space that hasn’t been there in years.

We can help you with simple updates that make a huge difference.

Switch out kitchen countertops.

Kitchen countertops take a beating. Depending on the original material, they may have cracks, burns, or scratches. They may have faded under a sunny window or picked up a few stains during that make-your-own-wine period. A new kitchen countertop installation is relatively affordable and painless IF you hire a reputable contractor.

Consider these factors. A new countertop:

  • Might weigh more. A contractor will ensure the cupboard underneath can sustain a heavy new material, such as stone or cement.

  • Might outshine outdated appliances or colors. Be ready to keep remodeling! If you’re on a budget, we can help you prioritize your upgrades.

  • Could necessitate a new backsplash. The two are meant to be complementary in color and material. A perfect upgrade would be a new countertop and backsplash combo.

Add bathroom closets and cupboards.

Let’s face it - bathrooms never seem to have enough storage. You might not need it, but it sure is nice to have everything in one place, including those extra toiletries for guests and sets of linens for big clean-ups. Also, bathroom cabinets and storage mirrors tend to look dated or shabby quickly, and a refresh can bring a sense of luxury and rest.

Upgrade baseboards and add crown molding.

It’s always a risk to remove original wood, but if you have a newer home, upgrading or adding baseboards with quality wood and craftsman carpentry will add elegance and value to your home. Crown molding caps your walls with a decorative flourish and hides an awkward transition between painted walls and a white or textured ceiling. Some homeowners prefer to DIY this job, but a trained carpenter with an eye on your home’s age and detailing can create a seamless look that will last the life of the house.

The best time to feel better about your home is now. Don’t wait to remodel because of a disaster or problem when you can make small but powerful changes today.

With Crystal Remodeling, the distinction is clear. Let’s talk about how your big ideas can lead to better living.


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