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Five Quick Projects to Spruce Up your Home Before the Holidays

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…. Except, most of us still don’t know what the holidays will actually bring! Are we visiting with friends and relatives? Are we cooking indoors? Dining outside? Hosting guests? Certainly, our pandemic bubbles have grown, but there’s still some uncertainty about festive gatherings.

Your best bet is to be ready for anything! Here are five quick home projects sure to spruce up your interior and exterior just in time to deck the halls. You can take these on yourself or with the help of a trusted residential contractor like Crystal Remodeling.

Refresh the restroom.

Let’s face it, we all have a powder room that’s less than perfect. But if you have guests staying in your home this holiday season, you’ll want them to relax in a clean and beautiful bathroom. A new tub surround or tiling adds instant class and freshness. Coupled with a spacious tub free of mineral stains and a high-pressure dual overhead/handheld showerhead, your bathroom will soon be in spa shape. Finish the look with seasonal linens and toiletries. Get more bathroom inspo at our blog.

Upgrade your entrance.

Nothing says “welcome to my home” friendlier than an updated front door. Look at the door jamb. Is the paint peeling? Is it ill-fitting or sporting water damage? Does the door match the era and style of the home? Does it make the first impression you’re going for? Many older homes have been retrofitted with new doors that don’t quite make a match. If this is your house, consider replacing your exterior doors with ones that are sophisticated and inviting, showcasing your home’s true personality. Finish the look with a wreath and other festive trim.

Size up your island.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and major upgrades can be expensive and time-consuming. But when you’ve got guests coming for a feast, an easy way to make more prep space is to upgrade the size of your kitchen island. You could add a drop-down countertop or buy a second one to back against the current island. If your kitchen island is a custom design, a reputable contractor can upsize or replace it with a new one that stands out in the crowd. Finish the look with a cinnamon scented candle and a decorative canister of Christmas cookies. Plug into our blog to suss out your kitchen style.

Bring the hearth outside.

The Pacific Northwest is generally temperate throughout the holiday season. If you have a covered outdoor dining space, you can host a safe and friendly meal in the fresh air. A relatively quick project that will infuse your backyard oasis with warmth is an upscale built-in firepit with a wrap-around seating wall. Materials like stone, brick, and cement can all shine with the right design, and the structure can be repurposed in different seasons. Finish the look with a cedar garland and individual seat warmers. Click for more outdoor kitchen tips and trends.

Put on a new face.

An effective way to transform your whole outlook is to reface or refinish your kitchen cupboards, built-ins, or bathroom cabinets. It might feel like a big job, but with a vision—and a good dose of prep work—you can sail through a refacing or refinishing project with ease. If your doors are original or custom-built, call us first. We can help you achieve the style you want without sacrificing value or precious time. Finish the look with holiday handles that add a little holly jolly.

At Crystal Remodeling, we’ll work with you to get your home ready for the ho-ho-holidays.

Call us soon to see what we can do to make your season bright!


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