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Cook up a great design for your kitchen

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Choosing a specific kitchen concept can integrate contemporary needs with a classic style


There are as many ways to design or decorate a kitchen as there are cooks. When undertaking a significant remodel like one on the heart of the home, it’s important to consider the needs, habits and preferences of the family that lives there. 


Is yours a family on the go, relying on local take-out and quick eats? Save money on high-end appliances and instead invest in a multipurpose breakfast nook where you can all gather on the fly. If you love to entertain and cook for friends, colleagues and extended family, you might opt for professional-grade appliances, a spacious pantry and save the seating for a formal dining room. 


Most families fall somewhere in between. And once your contractor knows your needs, you can start thinking about the look and feel of your dream kitchen. For most people, choosing a specific design concept to build on eases the way into a cohesive update that meets the families’ needs, appeals to their style and fits the home.


Traditionally speaking

Traditional kitchens share some basic elements, and they are very popular in new builds as well as remodels. In a traditional kitchen you’ll notice the ornamentation right away, from framed cabinetry with raised panel doors to decorative moldings and corbels. Luxury countertops like marble or walnut may feature to bring an opulent old-world style, while decorative lighting creates the feel of a contemporary gathering space. Traditional kitchens are generally light and airy while incorporating sophisticated architectural details that catch the eye. When you are looking for today’s most beloved American kitchen, try traditional.


Make it modern

Modern and contemporary kitchen styles are often spoken of interchangeably. However, modern kitchens actually harken back nearly 100 years ago when contemporary design elements broke from their Victorian and craftsman predecessors. In a modern kitchen, you’ll likely find frameless or even flat-panel cabinetry and sleek horizontal lines. Materials like steel, chrome, and even plastic feature heavily, while an open floor plan and whitewash adds to visual cohesion. Contemporary kitchens are, well, contemporary. They incorporate current trends in paint color, countertop materials, smart appliances and lighting, and rely on the design basics from an earlier era such as modern or farmhouse.


A smooth transition

A transitional kitchen style is found in most homes. In simplest terms, think of a transitional kitchen as a blend of traditional elements and contemporary conveniences. A transitional kitchen is likely to sport subtler ornamentation than a traditionally appointed kitchen, making use of smaller moldings and streamlined accents. The beauty of a transitional kitchen is in its understated elegance and serenity. Shaker-style cupboard doors are common, and ample hidden storage creates uncluttered countertops. Usually stainless steel appliances are standard, however, appliances paneled to match the cabinetry elevate the style. Because the style is versatile yet restrained, transitional kitchens can be incorporated beautifully into an open floor plan.

Buy the farm

"Farmhouse" is a wildly popular kitchen design concept that never seems to go out of fashion. Warm and inviting, farmhouse kitchens evoke images of families gathered around the hearth, a canning kettle bubbling away on the gas stove and a long wooden table to accommodate neighbors who might stop in for a slice of pie. Common features include open shelving, a vintage (or vintage-looking) range and oven, painted or natural wood floors, and an apron front sink. Homey and personal touches are a hallmark for farmhouse kitchen decorating, such as old ceramic pickling crocks, a galvanized metal bucket of fresh flowers, embroidered tea towels and a set of family heirloom flatware on display.

Other popular kitchen styles include French bistro, Mediterranean, coastal, craftsman and industrial. Many times, the age of the house and style of architecture will determine the type of kitchen a homeowner chooses. However, a skilled and collaborative design/build contractor like Crystal Remodeling can integrate a family’s dream kitchen seamlessly into any home.


Call or click today to start a conversation with the skilled professionals at Crystal Remodeling, and find out why the distinction is clear.



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