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Feeling hot, hot, hot!

A well-built fireplace can both beautify and warm the heart of your home

Everyone loves a fireplace. A roaring fire is especially comforting during a Pacific Northwest winter, when cozy is currency and families find they have time to burn at home.

Any major home remodel or new construction should consider a fireplace upgrade or addition, especially if there is a sale in the future. Here are just a few reasons for a fireplace addition or upgrade in your next remodel.

Are you considering selling your home in the future? Most buyers, especially in the chilly Northwest, will only look at homes with fireplaces, or at the very least they’ll consider it a plus. Realtors agree that a fireplace tends to increase the value of a home and should be removed only in very specific cases, such as when living space is tight and removing a mainly decorative hearth can add to livability.

Are you (not) feeling hot, hot, hot? In today’s world of central air and ductless heating, it’s easy to forget the actual purpose of a home hearth -- to warm the space and the people in it. If you are looking to add an extra element of radiant heat to your home, you’ll want to research your energy options: the ease of gas vs the savings of electric vs the ambiance and rustic aesthetic of a wood-burning fireplace. Other considerations include safety, maintenance and emissions concerns. Here’s a great in-depth comparison of the three types of fireplaces from many angles, or you can check in with your local energy or utility company to get specifics about average heat needs and costs in your area.

Do you need to level up your home’s design? Fireplaces make a strong statement in a home and can be used for many different aesthetic purposes. In a large room, a fireplace can anchor the space and create a feeling of coziness. In a small room such as a den or office, a fireplace can soften an otherwise functional space, making it inviting and warm. In an open floor plan, a fireplace can act as a room divider or a focal point for gathering a group. Needless to say, a fireplace in the master or guest bedroom is a romantic addition no couple can resist.

Your new or remodeled fireplace should reflect the age, architectural style and scale of your home. A large stone and mortar mantel may complement your roomy beach house, while a simple brick veneer would fit right into your condo on the riverfront. A painted wood panel surround has a breezy Cape Cod feel, and a marble or limestone one will add weight and elegance to a room.

When it comes to remodeling or adding a fireplace, you’ll want to have a conversation with a trusted contractor like Crystal Remodeling. Even installed as an aftermarket feature, a fireplace becomes part of the bones of the home and should be incorporated seamlessly. Whether you are adding a new one, converting an original from one energy source to another, or simply sprucing up the mantel and hearth, a well-built fireplace will warm your space and your heart for years to come.

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