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Your Kitchen Floor - Pretty on the Surface, and Tough!

Your kitchen floor is easily the hardest-working surface in your home. From food to footprints to fridges, your floor gets covered! When looking into installing new flooring, consider high-end materials that can take the heat.

Hardwood Floors

Wood is an elegant, tough, traditional, and—these days—unusual choice for a kitchen floor. For an upscale remodel in an older home, wood is unmatched.


Durability. Hardwood planks made from maple or oak will literally outlast the home. Much harder woods are also available from some sources at a premium. Check out this scale of wood hardness.

Classic beauty. Even if your home isn’t victorian or craftsman era, professionally installed wood kitchen floors can evoke an era of timeless quality.

Versatility. Wood, of course, comes from a variety of species, each displaying a unique grain and pattern. But it can also be finished in various shades to complement any color scheme.


Prone to scuffs and scratches. Pet-friendly or even kid-friendly households can wear on wood floors. Typically, kitchens have a door to the outside, and you might find a constant barrage of shoes and boots dinging the floor. Some see this as the natural wearing process, and others see it as too much maintenance.

Can be damaged by water. With quality planks, expert installation, and average attention to cleaning up spills, wood flooring will easily withstand everyday kitchen life. However, an ongoing leak or a spill that doesn’t see the light of day can cause mold, warping, and damage that will necessitate at least a partial replacement.

Expensive. If it’s done right, wood can be costly to install and maintain.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is becoming the upscale yet popular option it has always wanted to be. Recent upgrades in technology and quality have found homeowners appreciating the material, which can mimic the look of wood, stone, and tile.


Waterproof and long-lasting. Vinyl flooring is easy to clean and practically worry-free, making it a top choice of kitchen makeovers. A quality vinyl floor can last up to 25 years, rivaling most other products on the market.

Extreme versatility. Vinyl is a true chameleon. It is available in almost any style, color, or pattern imaginable. You can create your dream kitchen and then find a vinyl floor that will pull it all together, or you can start with an option you love and build upon its colors and patterns.

Inexpensive. Vinyl flooring is a more affordable option compared to other materials. You can invest more in cabinetry or fixtures when you’re saving on flooring.


Damageable. Vinyl feels great underfoot because it has more cushion and springs back pleasantly. But that means it can be dented by heavy appliances or furniture that sits in one place year after year. It can also be punctured if you drop a knife or other sharp tool onto it.

Ceramic and Stone Tile

Tile is a broad category. Ceramic tiles can be porcelain vs. non-porcelain and come in every color of the rainbow. Natural stone tiles are available in a range of tones, finishes, and sizes.


Versatility. Kitchen tiles come in every size, shape, and pattern. You don’t have to look outside those two material options to find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

Valuable. Ceramic and stone tiles are higher-end products, and they will immediately add value to a kitchen remodel.

Easy to clean. Stone and ceramic tiles are nonporous surfaces that can take spills and foot traffic with ease. Appropriate glazes, grouts, and finishes further increase their cleanability.


Hard surfaces. Ceramic and stone tiles have neither the spring of vinyl nor the warmth of wood, and they can feel a bit harsh underfoot. Also, dropped flatware and glasses are more likely to smash upon impact and possibly even crack the tile itself.

Expensive to buy and install. In terms of tiling, you get what you pay for. Spending more on artisan tiles and professional installation will ensure a durable floor with a much longer life.

A sophisticated and experienced design/build contractor, Crystal Remodeling can lay the foundation for any remodel to add value for years to come. Contact us today, for a start.

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Jonny Moll
Jonny Moll
Jun 12, 2022

In the kitchen it is necessary to install a practical floor that is easy to clean and resistant to damage. Especially for commercial kitchen flooring.

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