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True Craftsmanship Combines Skill, Experience and Ingenuity

Most remodelers say they offer quality construction and design. But Crystal Remodeling has been walking the talk for more than 40 years. From a modest half bathroom to a majestic great room or a newly constructed dream home, craftsmanship should be found in every detail.

A true craftsman -- or team of them -- overcomes challenges with skill and ingenuity to create a unique space that exceeds customer expectations.

A time-honored adage is “measure twice, cut once.” However, even the most valuable older homes in the Portland metro area have settled over the years, creating corners that don’t meet at right angles, ceilings that aren’t level, plumbing that is well out of date, not to mention the residue of decades of trendy remodels.

A quality design/build firm like Crystal Remodeling comes prepared to combine the bones of a home with the vision of the homeowner, adding decades of experience and the finest materials to create a space that draws wonder and awe from those who experience it.

Craftsmanship shines no more brightly than in fine carpentry. A centerpiece of most rooms, custom woodwork can achieve a polished yet elegant character that stands the test of time. Cabinets, mantels and bookcases should appear like a seamless part of the home’s original construction, and built to last.

Crystal Remodeling is inventive about details that disguise and yet completely accommodate the large appliances that are the engine of every house -- such as cabinets that expertly vent, plumb and conceal laundry machines and other household appliances from public view. Thoughtfully designed outlet locations can add an extra layer of safety while creating total convenience and aesthetic backsplashes in custom kitchens and bathrooms.

Kitchens and bathrooms are also uniquely positioned to showcase both custom craftsmanship and design as well as mechanical expertise in plumbing, tile work and unique layouts and space considerations. Details matter, and no two projects are alike.

One incredibly innovative kitchen remodel began with the crucial goal of maximizing counter space. The pantry closet was removed, and a standing fridge was swapped for unconventional and highly efficient under-counter units. The inclusion of a multiple use microwave that functioned as an additional oven, toaster and air fryer eliminated the need to store accessories or occupy the counter. Crystal’s tile work was characteristically exquisite and flawlessly installed. The result was a bright, open design, unique to the home.

True craftsmanship results from an attention to detail all the way through the job, from carefully consulting with the client before the first nail is hammered in, to a final check of the work on the last day. Crystal Remodeling employs many of their experts directly, and they work together as a team until the project is complete. A team-oriented atmosphere brings day-to-day consistency and quality control while holding each other accountable to individual pieces of the job.

Crystal Remodeling not only has partners in design and architecture but as a design/build contractor, Crystal ensures that most jobs can be completed by its on-staff team, limiting subcontractors. This level of attention brings down costs, eliminates delays and mistakes, and increases effective communication.

Call or click today to start a conversation with the skilled professional at Crystal Remodeling, and find out why the distinction is clear.

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