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The Best Bedroom for Your Life

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Let’s talk about post-pandemic bedrooms

The old adage is: only use your bedroom for rest and romance. But most rooms are doing double or triple duty these days. By all means, think of the primary bedroom mainly as a place to lay your weary head after a long day. But for many during the pandemic, the bedroom has become part-office, part-gym, part-school room, and part close-the-door-on-the-rest-of-the-house as needed.

When remodeling a primary bedroom, instead of upgrading the usual suspects like the adjacent bath, or the walk-in closet, you might consider adding components that improve your whole life and reflect the activities you actually do in the room that happens to have a bed.

Consider a study or work nook

Did you lose your home office to Zoom-schoolers last year? Does it look like you’re not getting it back anytime soon? Create a right-sized work nook in your bedroom, with a comfy chair or couch, laptop stand or coffee table, bookshelf, and adjustable task lighting. A contractor can skillfully carve a workspace out of an unused portion of a walk-in closet, add a bay window, or build half-walls in a corner to create the perception of a separate and use-specific space.

Catch that train. If you don’t have a dedicated workout space in your home, you’ll likely find yourself training in the bedroom, so make a spot there, complete with all the motivation you need. You might be the most comfortable on a Peloton bike with inspiring coaches, on a rowing machine binge-watching British murder mysteries, or on a yoga mat with soothing music in the background. Make your home gym-let reflect your personality and routine by adding touches like:

  • A corner of floor-to-ceiling mirrors

  • A section of slip-free hardwood flooring

  • Built-in storage for towels, free weights, mats, resistance bands, and more

  • A built-in stereo system, TV or screen for distraction and entertainment

  • A window overlooking a view or a scenic part of your yard or garden

A private balcony. The ultimate in lockdown luxury is a private balcony or deck space off the primary bedroom. While we no longer have to stay home to stay safe, sometimes personal space is best sought-after outside. But if you have kids, pets, and friendly neighbors, it can be hard to find sanctuary even in your own backyard. So, think Airbnb at home and build a doorway to the out-of-doors that leads straight from the bedroom into the fresh air. It could be a tiny balcony off an attic bump-out, a private access roof deck, or an enclosed porch only accessible through the bedroom. Either way, the message is “invite-only.”

Light it up. A small upgrade with a big impact is multi-zone lighting. Consider asking a pro to install separate lighting options appropriate to bedside reading, office work, vanity and closet, exercise, tv watching and more. Every zone should be according to use and level, and all can be controlled by the same app, device or panel. Lighting -- including natural light -- can make all the difference between catching zzz’s and meeting deadlines in a multi-function primary bedroom.

Don’t sleep on it -- call or message Crystal Remodeling today to dream up your best bedroom for life.


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