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Plumbing Down the Tubes? Improve Your Bathroom and Kitchen Experience with These Upgrades

When it’s time to remodel your “perfectly good” home into your “wildest-dream” home, you might think of reading by a roaring brick fireplace, gathering around a sparkling kitchen island, or cooking for friends on the patio.

Yet, as we age, comfort and convenience become synonymous with the good life. So the first thing you should consider is how to make your home’s plumbing the best asset you never knew you needed.

Kitchen upgrades that elevate the experience.

Upgrading in the kitchen usually means plumbing considerations, from instant hot water to an eco-friendly dishwasher, to cooking with gas. Adding the right conveniences for your family makes all the difference in the kitchen.

Fill your own bucket

A famous comedian might ask, “What’s the deal with pot fillers?”

A pot filler is a cold-water faucet plumbed into the wall behind your stove, used mainly to conveniently fill pots on the stove. They typically have a high clearance, so they can also be used for easily filling buckets or watering cans, water boilers, and filtered water containers. They are hinged to rest against the wall when not in use and provide a curved architectural element against the straight lines of the stove, walls, cabinets, and countertops.

For comfort and convenience, a pot filler is a must-have and lends an upscale elegance to any kitchen. The installation cost is nominal when already in the midst of a remodel. Is it a need-to-have? Perhaps not. Yet that’s the thing about nice-to-haves—they’re so nice to have.

Click here for a fun read on the pros and cons of the humble pot filler.

Cooking with gas

When we think about plumbing, we typically think water. But added plumbing is needed to upgrade to gas appliances. Many Northwest homes came standard with electric for ovens and other appliances, but a gas stove is a necessary upgrade for any serious home cook. And it’s truly a comfort and convenience to cook meals quickly and evenly with no pesky warm-up period or dangerous cooldown.

The best time to upgrade to gas is during a kitchen remodel since the walls will likely be exposed. It’s a relatively simple upgrade in the hands of a professional remodeler. Some kitchens are very convenient to the home’s gas meter, and an upgrade to gas may be easily undertaken even outside of a kitchen remodel. While it’s technically legal in most jurisdictions, you will need proper permits and inspections to install your own gas line. That’s why we’re here - leave it to us!

Bathroom plumbing you can count on

When considering a bathroom remodel, you have to look beyond aesthetics and behind the scenes. Updating the look or era of a bathroom is simple enough, but any kind of structural change or layout shift will increase the complexity because of plumbing considerations.

Don’t let your drainage go down the tubes

Bathroom drainage is a big deal. Even the tiniest upgrade can have a considerable effect on the comfort and convenience of your most private space. Many sink drains, for example, are a mere 1.5 inches in diameter, and over the years, they may have built up with hair, soap scum, and more. Widening the drain even a half-inch can set you up for the clog-free future you always dreamed of.

A much larger consideration is making the switch from tub to shower or adding a shower to a current half bath. Many bathrooms are now fitted with curbless showers, which allow much easier mobility and a sleeker look. But drainage is key, and a reputable remodeler will be able to manage the slope and drainage necessary to create a safe, flood-free zone.

Think big—with the right support

Bathrooms are a satisfying home remodeling investment. A well-designed, new bathroom feels cleaner, more functional, and relevant to your current lifestyle. You might upgrade your tub to a freestanding or jetted style. You might bump out a wall to add cabinetry or a sitting area. You might double the sink so everyone can brush their teeth in peace. You might add a bidet for, well, personal reasons.

But these kinds of major bathroom renovations mean serious structural considerations. Moving plumbing around is challenging and incredibly important to do properly. If you have a basement, you’re a step ahead. If your home is on a slab, the plumbing will be in concrete and have to be excavated. Be sure to map out your entire vision for the space with your remodeler before you begin.

As a homeowner, plumbing will be the last thing on your mind when dreaming of the future. Fortunately, it will be top of mind for us. Take the plunge on a new bathroom or kitchen remodel, and reach out to us at Crystal Remodeling today.


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