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Picture Perfect Window Trends Increase Home Value and Save Energy

Every child’s drawing of a house features two little windows on either side of the door that makes the picture resemble a welcoming smiley face. They are usually classic four-paned windows shaded in yellow, depicting a bright and cozy home.

Window design and treatments trends have come a long way since the foursquare farmhouse days. But, for most, the desired aesthetic remains the same: a warm welcome from the outside balanced with lots of natural light and privacy on the inside.

Consider these trends and elements for windows in 2022.

Black is the new white.

Black window frames, trim, and shutters continue to be on-trend for single-family homes and even modern apartment complexes. Black adds a pop of color and mood to the outside of a well-kept house and stands in contrast on any block to rows of standard white trim. Following black’s lead, dark brown, gray, and blue frames are coming into fashion in 2022.

Mixes match.

As people create homes that are multi-purpose, with work-live-play spaces, customization and personality reign. Windows are no exception. In today’s houses, you’ll find window sashes and frames that contrast with each other, both in color and material. You might see wood against metal and neutrals surrounded by bright, personalized colors.

This approach, done carefully, can add depth and vibrancy to your homes' exterior and interior.

Throw a curve.

With an addition or a new build, you have the opportunity to reframe the limits of window design. Arched, curved, and round windows are making a strong comeback this year. They bring architectural detail, added drama, and extra light when properly positioned and seamlessly integrated with a room’s design.

Round windows of various sizes have a stunning effect in a staircase, toward the top of a two-story entryway wall, above a bed, or in a master bath. They bring in added light and break up blank walls while maintaining privacy, especially if they are frosted or stained for effect.

Arched windows can be used in a variety of ways throughout the house—over the front door, above a window seat, or to frame a particularly spectacular view.

Save your energy.

Energy-saving windows are not new (thank goodness!), but there are always innovative ways to save energy coming on the market. Window styles, brand, and placement all place a big part in saving energy. When you replace or add windows, you want to understand the latest technology and how you can use them to make a more energy-efficient living space.

Your remodeler can help you weigh your options and find a balance of lifestyle fit, budget, and practical considerations when choosing windows that are designed to limit air leakage and temperature loss. Keep in mind that even the most energy-efficient window will not do its job if installed improperly, and you might accidentally void the warranty as well.

Windows have the power to create a home worthy of a child’s sweet drawing. Prioritize window placement and quality in your next remodel and put a smile on your house’s face.

With Crystal Remodeling, the distinction is clear. Connect to take the next steps toward your forever home.

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