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Lighten up!

A well-lit home saves energy and creates spaces for living

We all want a brighter tomorrow and a detailed lighting plan for your home can make that dream a reality. But with a few small adjustments, you can also have a wonderfully well-lit today.

In a typical home -- especially an older home with outdated fixtures and wiring -- many homeowners find themselves less than satisfied with the lighting. You might notice that your favorite chair is over here, but the lamp is over there. Or you might love to cook, but all of your countertops are covered in shadows. You probably don’t do anything in particular in the middle of your bedroom but that’s where the overhead light happens to be. Worse yet, it’s nearly impossible to locate a flattering mirror before you walk out the door for the day.

Luckily, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Lighting is a tricky puzzle. To make changes that truly sparkle, you have to factor interior design, structural elements, house age and orientation, technical skill, energy usage, budget and your own preferences and lifestyle into the overall plan.

When taking on the remodel of your whole house or even one room, lighting should be at the top of the list, and an experienced home remodeler can illuminate your range of options to take the stress off. But there are many ways to light up a room yourself.

What you can do today.

Survey the very room you are in right now. Take a look at how many shadows are cast on the walls and furniture? Do they keep you from doing the things you love with ease? If you have a desk for art, school or work, put a task light right where you need it. Don’t rely on ambient overhead lighting. If you read in bed, put a lamp with a warm bulb beside you, and one on the other side for symmetry. Check your closet. Do your clothes disappear into the dark? A couple of self-adhesive tap lights can keep you from leaving the house in two different shoes. And don’t just run to the store when a bulb burns out, check out this deep dive into the 56 types of light bulbs, complete with charts and illustrations.

What you can plan for.

A simple but highly effective way to radiate warmth and sophistication throughout your home is to right-size your lighting. Create a cozy breakfast nook or intimate dining room with a drop chandelier that creates a focal point over the table. Even if these spots are in a bustling part of the house, soft downcast light can bring a feeling of intimacy or purpose to the space. On the other hand, a rec room might benefit from brighter overheads that can shed light on a variety of family activities. Or, instantly adjust the ambiance of a room with the flick of a finger -- installing a dimmer switch is a relatively simple homeowner project that creates dramatic effects. For the true techie, programmable switches and dimmers can spark an otherwise latent interest in lighting.

When you should consult a contractor.

Don’t start a major lighting overhaul while you’re still in the dark. An experienced design/build contractor can:

  • Create a harmonious plan for the entire home that works for the people who live, work and play there.

  • Update, add and repair wiring to create spaces that are safe as well as beautiful.

  • Do rigorous installations like recessed overhead lights, fluorescent garage or shop lighting, and programmable systems.

  • Assess usage and make recommendations to conserve energy. The Department of Energy offers great tips on how your lighting choices can save you money.

Crystal Remodeling can bring a home lighting plan together in a flash. Call or click today and learn to lighten up and let your life shine.


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