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Plumbing-Focused Remodel: Function, Fashion, and Features Equally Important

Crystal Remodeling can help you cross the finish line and complete your look

When you buy or build a house, you want good bones.

While living in your space, you want to be inspired by the small touches that make it beautiful and well-functioning. You want fixtures that are modern yet timeless, finishes that are personal yet practical for resale, and features that bring both joy and utility.

What makes a house worth living in are the things you can touch, see, and appreciate every day—the things that make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Let’s start with utility—an actual utility—specifically plumbing and plumbing fixtures.

There is no utility that you will have a more personal connection with inside your house that doesn’t involve water and pipes. Your whole family drinks water, washes up, uses the toilet, waters the garden, and meets a dozen other needs daily with water.

Do your kitchen, bathroom, and shower fixtures function properly? Do they shine and rotate smoothly? Or do they suffer from mineral build-up inside and out? Aesthetically, do your faucets match your home’s decor? Do they reflect your style?

What about toilets and sinks? Sink depth and shape have a significant impact on user experience. Does the water splash out of your sink when you run it on full-open? Is it a little too flat on the bottom, preventing the water from draining as expected?

Finish, fashion, and function are equally important. When we approach something in our home, we either love it, or we don’t.

Lots of people with plumbing features in their home they don’t love. But why? Let’s explore some common concerns and their solutions.


It could be an inside job.

We have hard water in the greater Portland Metro area. This can often result in decreased water pressure and kickstart fixture corrosion. There may be minerals in your water that will keep building up in your pipes unless you add a whole house water softener. Adding a water softener is a simple fix in experienced hands.

Age is another issue. A Craftsman home—a highly valued and sought-after style in our area—is an older house with great bones. But the pipes may be worse for wear in 2022. Consider an in-depth evaluation of your plumbing. You may need to replace some of it. And you’ll be glad you did.

Plumbing takes a pro.

We hate to say it, but we recommend using a professional to replace or install plumbing fixtures—even for purely aesthetic reasons. Water is truly a force to be reckoned with and can be tricky to navigate. Both sneaky leaks and outright flooding can cause enormous—sometimes unrecoverable—damage in a home.

Many plumbing projects often require a permit when moving existing pipes, repiping, replacing a water heater, and the like. If you are undertaking a major plumbing project in the course of a house remodel, ask the remodeler to work it into the project and have the professionals take care of it.

Aesthetics are important.

When it comes to plumbing fixtures, do not choose function over form. You don’t have to! There are highly rated toilets, sinks, pedestals, shower heads, and faucets in styles and finishes to match any decor.

A reputable home remodeler like Crystal Remodeling will not only recommend quality fixtures that fit your budget. They can help you decide which fits your home style, usage and will make the most sense for eventual resale if that is in your plan.


So you’ve picked out a sink, a vanity, a toilet—new plumbing features for your kitchen and bathrooms. The last decision is looking at finishes, and there are a lot of choices!

Every line of faucets and shower fixtures comes in a variety of finishes, from stainless steel and brushed nickel to dramatic bronze and classic chrome. There is absolutely a finish to fit every style. But how to choose?

First, consider fingerprints.

It’s no small thing to be wiping off fingerprints, water spots, and smudges in high traffic and public spaces. Consider a matte finish such as brushed nickel or sophisticated satin brass for guest bathrooms and kitchens fixtures. Matte finishes are easy to clean, generally forgiving, and durable.

Come in under budget.

For a versatile crowd-pleaser, chrome is king. It’s inexpensive and classic. However, chrome will show fingerprints and water spots, so be prepared to wipe them down often or only use them in nonpublic spaces.

Trying going dark.

Both matte black and oil-rubbed bronze make a statement at the sink. Matte black presents a sleek and modern look, while oil-rubbed bronze is a winner in traditional or Mediterranean style. Unique and durable, these finishes will cost extra but will stand out as an exceptional feature of any room they’re in.

Mix, don’t match.

According to trends tracked by popular faucet maker Delta, mixing is in. Combine old-world finishes such as bronze and copper with sleek contemporary shapes to draw on the age of the home while keeping the style fresh. And don’t be afraid to mix finishes in one room. As long as the choices appear intentional, fusion will elevate your design.

A sophisticated and experienced design/build contractor, Crystal Remodeling can help you pull together an intentional look for any space in your home, right down to the finish. Contact us today, for a start.


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