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Environmentally Focused Remodeling

Going green is a smart investment in your home’s future. There are many ways to think about environment-forward remodeling and building, and a skilled remodeler can bring a homeowner’s unique vision to life.

Lower your carbon footprint through creative purchases.

First, you can lower the carbon footprint of your remodel by buying materials locally or second-hand. Here’s an example of one person who learned that a gymnasium floor was being dismantled at a local college. She was able to acquire and install the vintage wood flooring in her newly built home. The college got to keep their old flooring out of the landfill, and the homebuilder paid next to nothing for salvaged floorboards that were in great shape and had lots of character -- like court paint! Local salvage stores abound for home remodeling materials that match every era. Plus, it can be fun to look for the perfect accent, door, or molding for your remodeler to install. An experienced and creative remodeler will guide the process and make recommendations as you go along.

Increase efficiency with technology. 

Lighting, HVAC systems, ovens, dishwashers, and sprinklers can all be purchased or installed with energy efficiency in mind. The most straightforward path to efficiency is to install automated systems, so you don’t have to remember to shut off lights when you leave a room, turn off hoses when you head to work for the day, turn down the heat before you go to bed. Many home systems can now be controlled with an app from a smart device and managed from anywhere, keeping things running smoothly and efficiently. 

Solar panels are an excellent investment and will pay dividends in a short time. Going solar actively reduces your energy costs while adding value to your home. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, more than 2.8 million U.S households are using solar power, and solar installations have decreased in cost by 70% over the years. And, by some estimates, a solar panel installation that meets a home’s complete needs can pay for itself in 10 years, leaving 15 years of free energy.

Passive solar home design is a huge head start.

If you are building new or creating a substantial addition, passive solar home design will save money and create a naturally comfortable home for years to come. While it may sound somewhat complicated to the average homeowner, passive solar home design simply includes a number of elements that keep a home warm in the winter and cool in the summer by 

  • thoughtfully positioning the overall structure, windows, and overhangs

  • installing thermal mass materials, such as concrete, brick, stone, and tile

  • considering a mix of heat distribution methods

  • adding control strategies such as low-emissivity blinds, operable insulating shutters, and awnings

Green building isn’t the difficult, expensive undertaking it used to be. Quality is still an investment, but today’s green building and remodeling solutions are accessible to most budgets and can fit into any kind of home design or decor.

With Crystal Remodeling, the distinction is clear. Call or click today to start thinking about tomorrow’s home.

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