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A Media Room To Entertain Everybody

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the media room is the decompression chamber. If the aim is total relaxation and entertainment, your media room is where it’s at, especially if you integrate the space into your home to fit your work, family, and social life.

These days, there are almost no boundaries to the level of technology we can bring into our homes. So, the path to a perfect media room is communicating with your builder or remodeler about your family’s everyday lifestyle as well as special-occasion-at-home aspirations. An experienced design/build contractor like Crystal Remodeling will work closely with an architect or audio-visual specialist to design the entertainment den of your dreams.

Whether you are building new or remodeling an existing space in our home, the first thing you’ll want to decide is: open-concept or enclosed room? There are pros and cons to both, and the key is to determine what fits your life.

For better or worse, open-concept space is inviting to all. If your media room is adjacent to the kitchen, for example, mom can be a part of the fun even when she is making dinner, or kids can eat lunch while listening to Spotify on dad’s “good” speakers. If you like to have entertainment integrated into all parts of your family life and home, an open concept media room adjacent to a kitchen, patio, or family room is a great use of space.

On the other hand, when you are watching a movie, dramatic explosions are likely to travel throughout the house—or even to the neighbor’s house—disturbing others who aren’t watching. There may not be the feel of coziness or privacy many of us appreciate when watching a movie or listening to music. Light, sounds, and smells will surely filter into the entertainment experience from other rooms.

There are great reasons to build a closed room. In addition to privacy and sound barriers, a well-designed media room can double for another use, especially if it has a door or two.

If you entertain for work or simply appreciate a kid-free zone, a closed media room can be a way of transporting to an adults-only endeavor. Consider a high-end stereo system for non-visual entertainment and a retractable projector and screen for use as needed or desired. An adults-only space could feature non-electronic entertainment like floor-to-ceiling bookcases, a bar or small kitchen, and a pool table or game table. A door to the outside welcomes guests straight into the media room, while an adjoining restroom would keep any party completely contained.

On the flip side, a media room can easily double as a kids’ playroom. Festive wallpaper, right-sized table and chairs, a comfy sectional with machine-washable covers, inexpensive throw rugs over hardwood or tile, and plenty of built-in storage for toys and games create a little-people paradise that cleans up quickly for after-hours Netflix and chill. A retractable projector or covered entertainment center can issue a clear signal that TV time is over and provide an incentive for a thorough clean-up before any movie marathon. A locked mini-fridge keeps juice and treats on hand for snack time while cooling a few adult beverages for later. A connected bathroom can help with quick wash-up and potty emergencies.

Whether you ultimately go with an open-concept area, dedicated media room, or double-use space behind closed doors, here are some important things to talk with your contractor about before you begin:

● Lighting that is flexible and appropriate

● Noise reduction and insulation

● Hidden or revealed speakers, controls, screens, etc.

● Right-sized screens to avoid eye and neck strain

● Accents and fixtures that won’t rattle when the subwoofer is cranked

● Non-electronic media and storage

Build a path to your perfect media retreat with Crystal Remodeling. Call or click today to start your collaboration.


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