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Basement Remodels That Evolve

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

From an extra bedroom to a full build-out, the basement is a perfect space to maximize for where you are in life today or plan to be in the years ahead.

Converting your basement to garden level living is a smart way to maximize your existing space and create future opportunities for rental income or a multi-generation household. There are as many approaches to a basement remodel as there are homeowners. How you get started depends on your budget, current needs, and future plans.

Meet your needs now.

While building out an entire apartment in the basement might be your dream, if there are budget and time constraints, focus on meeting your current needs. Perhaps you need to add a bedroom/bathroom to separate growing kids or create a private home office for your job, which seems to have gone permanently remote. Or maybe you would like to accommodate guests overnight when they come to town with ease. Whatever your current requirements are for maximized space, the basement is the place to start. Consider these essential first steps:

  • Egress windows in basement bedrooms are required by law. They are a priority in any room that will be used for sleeping. A skilled contractor will take care to meet all legal requirements while bringing much-needed light and air into the space—without too much disruption.

  • Investigate your basement for excess moisture and be aware of potential flooding during heavy rain. Moisture can and should be mitigated before building out and maintained afterward.

Keep an eye on the future.

If you simply need an extra bedroom and bathroom now but would like to transition the entire space to an apartment or ADU (accessory dwelling unit) in the future, set the framework—literally—for the next steps today.

  • Consider framing out the entire space as you envision it, and then simply build-out in stages. Create a bedroom now and a living room later. Create a bathroom today and a kitchen tomorrow.

  • In addition to framing, any electrical that needs to be updated or added can be installed throughout the early stages of the first phase to avoid pulling multiple permits and using various contractors for the job.

  • A basement is a unique and challenging environment for plumbing, for (mostly) a single reason—gravity. An experienced contractor can create a safe, functional, and sweet-smelling bathroom in the basement. Think ahead -- consider plumbing not only for a bathroom but a future kitchen area as well.

Go big and stay home.

If you are ready to add a whole level of apartment-style living in the basement, Crystal Remodeling can work with you to design, budget, and build it out from start to finish. From a vacation rental to a long-term lease, from a mother-in-law suite to a college kid crib, your basement can provide a fully functional and separate living space for the life of your home. When you meet with your contractor:

  • Be clear about your vision. Dream big and in detail about how you plan to use the space.

  • Have a budget in mind, or find out if you can pay for the planning process separately in order to create budget tiers for the build-out.

  • Be sure your contractor is a design/build firm. Crystal Remodeling has a team of architects, interior designers, and specialty contractors at the ready.

With Crystal Remodeling, the distinction is clear. Our skilled professionals take the stress out of adding a home to your house. Call 503-631-7662 or click today to get started.

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